Your Wellness Support Team is Here for You

If you need help and advice to find mental health resources for anxiety or other mental health challenges you are currently facing, the CMHA-Manitoba & Winnipeg Wellness Support Specialist team is here to help you find the resources and support you need.
Our specialists have years of training and experience working in both education and mental health and are ready to listen to your needs and help support your mental health and wellness. To learn more about your dedicated educational mental health support team, take a look at their bios and what motivates them to support the mental health of Manitoba’s educational front-line staff.

Your Wellness Support Specialists can be reached by phone at 1-877-602-1660 or by email at

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Sarah is a registered Social Worker, who has been working with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Winnipeg & Manitoba, for over 10 years. In her work experience with the CMHA, she has worked alongside Manitobans experiencing homelessness, and more recently, helping people connect to the resources and supports they need to thrive in life. She is looking forward to the challenge of offering this support to Manitoba’s educational workforce, who provide front-line support and tools for academic success to our province’s students, families and communities every day.

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Nadera has worked in the education sector for 17 years in a variety of roles including lunch supervisor, educational assistant, and teacher.  During this time, she gained a first-hand understanding of the pressures faced by school staff members seeking mental health supports. She saw the opportunity to become a Wellness Support Specialist as a way to help provide much needed services and supports for all of Manitoba school staff.  Nadera is excited to bring her love and appreciation for education and mental health together to provide a holistic, people-centered approach to provide wellbeing support and care for all in Manitoba’s education workforce.

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Tammy began her career as a teacher with experience in Kindergarten to grade 7 classrooms before moving to the non-profit sector. She has worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba & Winnipeg, for 9 years as an education and volunteer coordinator, a student services coordinator in the Well-Being Learning Centre, a facilitator, and a course developer. She is passionate about helping others along their wellbeing journey and is excited for the opportunity to bring together her experience and knowledge of the education and mental health fields to support Manitoba’s educational workforce.
Irene October 2019


Irene was the Assistant Superintendent in the Louis Riel School Division responsible for programming in Libraries, Physical Education, Practical and Fine Arts.  Prior to that role,  Irene was the Principal at Glenlawn Collegiate, Windsor Park Collegiate and Vice-Principal at JH Bruns, Samuel Burland, and St. George. She is a physical education graduate who spent 43 years in education and continues to be in awe of the amazing education workforce who put their hearts and souls into working on behalf of students and families.



Elvera (MSW, RSW) is passionate about mental health promotion and wellness. Her past work in supporting mental health awareness, creating mentally healthy schools, and child and adolescent psychiatry brings an abundance of knowledge and experience that informs her role as Supervisor of the Care for All in Education’s team of Wellness Support Specialists.