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Care for All in Education

Well-Being Connection

Stephen Sutherland, Director of Mental Health Promotion with CMHA-Manitoba and Winnipeg talks to Irene Nordheim and the Wellness Support Specialist team supporting the “Care for All in Education” initiative which is providing much-needed digital and mental health resources for our province’s front-line educational workforce who have been hit hard by the stresses of the pandemic over the past two years. Teachers, administration, bus drivers, clerical staff, caretakers, educational assistants and many more staff within the education sector are all struggling under the pressures of the extended pandemic as they work diligently to support our province’s students. For this reason, CMHA-Manitoba and Winnipeg, with funding from the Province of Manitoba have created the Care for All in Education mental health resource web portal and a team of Wellness Support Specialists to connect education staff with the mental health resources they so clearly need in these times.

“The job is complicated and Covid has added another layer of stress to the job and it hasn’t diminished the passion for what people feel for their kids and their job but it has been exhausting and stressful in that they’re trying so hard to make sure that their kids stay well and sometimes that’s to their detriment.” – Irene Nordheim, Coordinator, Care for All in Education.

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